Why I Don’t have a Husband?

Scene: In the tv room while watching Cinderella 2.

Princess: Mommy, where is my husband, why i don’t have a husband?

Mom: You are still young, when you grow old enough to have a husband then you’ll have one.

Princess not contented with my answer went to her daddy in the kitchen.

Princess: Daddy, why I don’t have a husband?

Daddy: Wait til you get older then you’ll have a husband.

Princess: Okay, when i grow up then i’ll have my husband like Cinderella. But, why not now?

3 Replies to “Why I Don’t have a Husband?”

  1. that is so hilarious of ate P…ha! ha! what made she thinks she needs a husband? tell her she can have a imaginary husband for now. ohh, how i miss those times when my kids would say the cutest and darnest things.

  2. oH!that’s the effect of watching too much disney stories with those lines…”and they lived happily ever after”. hehehehe:) she’s so serious when she asked me about that thing and it was really funny.

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