When You call it a day…

Literally, my hands are full this morning. From last night I’ve been cooking and baking for the food that my kids are bringing to the school for the culmination activity of the nutrition month.

Daughter brought a balanced diet meal good for 2 persons and son brought baked macaroni for all the classmates and teachers. And I thought that they need too disposable plates and forks so there i added them to the big plastic container.

Hubby asked how I managed to bring all of it. I told him your dear wifey has powers so there no need to go back the second time to the car for the rest of the things. Imagine a mother with a big trolley bag in her right shoulder and another backpack on the left and both hands bringing the big container box while kids holding on my arms. My daughter is so thoughtful to offer her help. She brought the broom that she’s required to bring and their lunchboxes.

Even too busy to prepare for every thing for my family, I’m happy to say that I feel satisfied and contented for what I’m doing for them. If you love what you are doing then you don’t feel tired.

Thanks God it’s another weekend again to enjoy and relax:) Happy weekend everyone!

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