What’s Your Baby’s Claim to Fame?

Liezl, your baby’s bound to be an Entrepreneur

With your baby’s well-rounded mix of intelligence, creativity, and charisma, we’d say your baby’s bound to succeed in business. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise us if they just followed in the footsteps of Henry Ford and Bill Gates — soon as they’ve mastered walking and talking, that is.

You’ve probably noticed how quickly your baby makes friends and connections at the park or how skillfully your little one creates their own little worlds with blocks. Bringing up a business-bound baby can be a lot of fun — but be prepared for plenty of lemonade stands and newspaper routes in your future. And as your little one develops that worldly savvy, just make sure they don’t mistake money for the meaning of life as you help them hone their business and leadership skills. Even at this early stage, we can tell — you’re sure to be richly rewarded for bringing this gem into the world.

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