What’s on the Table Mom?

Yesterday, I’ve got no idea with what to do with the frozen chicken in the ref so again as what I’ve been doing if I need a recipe for some food I usually browse the net and it was long time ago that I opened The Sassy Lawyer blog and from here you can cook anything with her recipes. Her blog is really useful. Thanks to PinoyCook.Net!

Here are the pics of the cooked chickens:

One is Pinaupong manok:



and the other one is roasted chicken asado:

                       roastedchickenasado.jpg     roasted-chicken.jpg

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  1. Thanks po for gracing my site:)

    Yup! two whole chickens in one meal, my kids and my hubby liked how the pinaupong manok tasted, and even asked for another pinaupong manok on the weekend:) and as well as the roasted chicken asado.

    tenk yu!

  2. Dimpz, i have tried pinaupong manok long long time ago and I loved it. It tastes even better with bare hands. i wonder if it is similar to Chinese steamed chicken with grated ginger, chopped green onions, salt, and hot sizzling olive oil?

    yong pork satay ni Connie, her version, looks scrumptious! you can also check the pork satay of my Indonesian friend, named Elyani (nasa blogroll ko)

  3. korek ka dyan tita belle! sarap kainin with bare hands, i’m not sure if it’s the same with Chinese steamed chicken.
    sarap siguro nong pork satay kaso walang pork dito. hayyy Pinas kakamiss ang pork doon!
    ok, i’ll check elyani’s blog maybe i’ll other recipes to cook.

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