We’re Back!

It’s been quite awhile and here we are back to our normal life from a very long vacation in the Philippines. My kids are still adjusting to the Doha time and they are sleeping too early,at 5 in the afternoon and wakes up at 3 in the morning.

Yesterday, we went out for a late Mother’s Day celebration and we decided to go to Villagio Mall to have an early dinner and I guess it was my luck to have our grocery there before my kids would have their nap time.

I like the ambiance of this mall, a Venetian themed mall, it was like we are in Venice, very romantic and very spacious.There’s a small pool akin to the canals in Venice wherein you can have a gondola ride and there are some areas with an atrium roofing wherein you can hear your voice echo whenever you talk. My daughter was very happy with her voice echoing and so did my 21 mos. old Sean. It has all the shops that I like,it’s nearer to our place and for sure we’ll have our groceries here every weekend instead of going to City Center. And one more thing, I love this Virgin Megastore.


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  1. welcome back, dimpz. wow, that was quite a long vacation you spent in the philippines. i wish i have the luxury of the time to be able to enjoy such an extended visit. sounds like you had a wonderful time in the phil.

    looking forward to viewing some of your vacation photos. did you make it to tokyo falls in pandan?

  2. hi tita belle! yeah! it was indeed a very long and refreshing vacation for all of us. sayang nga lang po di tayo nagmeet.
    oh! that tokyo falls, we were not able to go there kasi daw ma-engkato daw yon. the lolo and lola did not agree with the idea of going there. i guess next time na lang.
    we went na lang to a beautiful place near to Lourdes wherein we enjoyed the scenery, i’ll post those pics.
    i have a lot of pics to post yon nga lang medyo busy pa.
    God Bless po!

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