Welcome to the family Paj!

My hubby got our new car the other day, a 2006 model of 7 seater Pajero (still I want the 2006 Landcruiser Prado) anyway, it’s much better from our old 2-door Pajero. It’s like a daddy version of our old car. Hubby N called his new car “Paj”. We are a growing family which means we need a bigger car. My 2 and a half daughter enjoys her new place inside the car. Still we are trying to find the right car seat for her.
Upon arriving from work, my hubby and ninong yam went to Mitsubishi to get the car and after that we went hotel hopping. We went to Ritz Carlton Hotel then to Intercontinental Hotel and made reservation in the resto for a brunch the following day.
And yesterday was the Baptism of paj. We went to Parish Center and asked the parish priest, Fr. Tom to bless our new car.
Like a real baptism what followed next was a sumptous buffet brunch at Intercontinental Hotel. I wanted to sleep after eating but then we had to go to City Center mall to buy ate P’s car seat and Sean’s walker. What a hectic day! Thanks to ninang may and ninong yam!

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