Wedding Dinner Party

Last Sunday night we went to Rachell and Clint’s wedding dinner party in Great Wall of China Restaurant. Ninay Rachell is the godmother of Sean Linus and a sweet and thoughtful friend. We met Rachell when I was pregnant with Sean and she’s the ultrasound technologist in QP Clinic.

 She was so accommodating that I opted to make an appointment for the ultrasound parallel to her schedule so that she’s the one who’ll do it and not the other guy who happens to be of another nationality. Its not that I don’t want other nationalities (I have nothing against them) but I have this feeling of being taken cared of, the TLC of a kabayan rather than other nationalities in QP Clinic who doesn’t care if they are hurting you already or just that they are like that, callous and unmindful of other’s emotions. And it goes the same way regarding the health of my kids if they get sick we prefer a kabayan doctor and have a second opinion from my hubby’s brother and sis in law.

So that’s how our friendship started and I can still hear Rachell’s words…”Ay! Lalaki ang baby nyo! Ang haba ng legs nya at my lawit!”  And from there on we definitely knew that our second baby is a boy. Our friendship flourished and we asked her together with my hubby who happen to be there with me during my 2nd ultrasound to be a godmother of our baby boy. She’s so sweet as a ninang that she always asks how her inaanak is doing.

Best wishes to you Ninay Rachell and Ninong Clint!!!

The best part of having a dinner in Great Wall of China Restaurant is the yummy buchi. That’s what I always look forward to in dining in this resto.

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