Vacation in Pinas

Our vacation was very long, 3 and a half months to be exact and here I am wishing that I’m still there in Pinas with my family, friends and with the mother nature there. Yup! the green environment, the trees, the mountains, the vast open sea and of course the Filipino cuisines and nice long up to dawn conversations with my friends. Most of our stay in the Pinas was with our families, we stayed in Samar then in Bicol and then in Manila for only a week. My kids loved the adventure we had with their cousins and friends as we enjoyed mother nature.

Ate P and Sean played a lot with my brother’s pit bull dogs; Spike and Jackie and enjoyed the company of Ming-Ming, the elusive and nice cat and of course the charming pigeons. They are always waiting for their cousins to come to our house everyday after their classes and even asked for a sleep-over and so they did enjoy playing and singing and dancing until wee hours.

I was laughing at ate P because she referred to a jeepney a truck and every time that my toddler Sean would see a pedicab he’ll say, “sakay, sakay!” Everyday we’ll hire a pedicab just to tour them around the town and from time to time they’ll ask me some things which are strange to them.

In the morning, ate P wakes up very early just to catch up with her grandmother in going to school, my mother is a first grader teacher in our elementary school and my father is the principal and most of the time she’ll go classroom hopping and playing in the playground.

She had a chance to know a lot of friends from the kids inside her grandma’s class and the other kids in the school that whenever we go around the town her name was called from time to time by other kids and if I’ll ask her who’s that kid is, she’ll reply, “oh, that’s my friend.”

It was like an everyday fiesta with lechon, pork barbecue,lechon kawali,native delicacies, seafoods and the culprit crab with all the orangey “alege” or fat that made my toddler suffer for a week of allergy attack. I was so stubborn to eat a crab and did not think twice what will happen to my son as i thought that it would be the same crab that i eat here in Qatar. So lesson learned, never to keep an assumption based only on “katakawan”.

Ate P was asked to be a flower girl for my first cousin’s wedding but we had to turn it down because we’ll not be there by the time of their wedding. I really wanted her to be part of the entourage, to be a flower girl but our schedule did not coincide. I was asking them if they can make it earlier,so that we can attend but imagine with all the preparations of having a wedding being moved to another date just because i wanted my daughter to be a flower girl is absolutely stupid. But still her name is included in the invitation along with 5 other flower girls and my cousin even made a gown for her which we brought here and she’s always asking me if she can wear it in her 4th birthday.

It was a refreshing and relaxing vacation. There’s a lot of family and friends quality time for bonding and catching up of what’s happening in each of one’s life. I celebrated there my 28th birthday with my parents, relatives and close friends. It was such a long time, the last time that I celebrated my birthday in our house. I’m so thankful to my hubby who let us go home earlier than his vacation schedule.

During our vacation in Samar I was also a guest speaker for the closing exercises in my alma matter and for another elementary school in our town. It was a nice experience being able to give them insights, sharing my ideas and knowledge on how to empower them to become more productive and successful in their lives.

It was nice to be connected again to your past, to the teachers who molded me and shared willingly their knowledge.

The rest of our vacation was spent in Pandan, Catanduanes, the beautiful place where my hubby came from.

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