upon contemplation…

Another year that adds to my life, and another year which I should be making up to with my pursuit for more learning as of life per se…as a mother, as a wife, as a friend, as a child.

It’s like I’m still yearning for more from the zest of my existence, just halfway there; contentment, happiness, ambitions…I want to widen my horizon and touch my real existence as a whole.

There’s something inside me that needs to be awaken; like a fire that needs to be rekindled…Like a placid body of water that wants to be stirred up; like a child who wants to wander and dance in a rain while reaching for the rainbow in a mid-summer morning.

I want to learn new things, as I learn from my precious child.
I think for once let the course of my destiny pave its own path.
Let His Will be done…

I want to thank my loving husband for everything; for a wonderful life worth living with you…Thanks for caring us, for always being there for us, for your unwavering support and kindness and most of all Thanks for your Love.

I would want to thank also my precious daughter for her sweet innocence which emanates her goodness, her warmth, and in her small ways she showed me how much she loves me.

For my parents, brothers and sisters, friends and acquaintances; life would not be complete without all of you…

And most of all I thank God for everything, for every person He sent to touch my life, for the gift of Love, Faith and Life.

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