Up, Up and More!

Princess is on her way further up of her being a Neanderthal kid; she does a lot of:


Dancing her Hawaiian style with more on a butt work;

Her precision on throwing of objects on a certain goal is achieved;

Jabbers on lots of words but still most of them are unrecognizable;

Uses lots of gestures and facial expressions, and an addition to that is her tiger look when
she’s angry, and a twinkling eyes when super happy;

She’s more demanding and a new attitude of being bossy to her nanny;

The “only me” attitude occurred (she wants to be followed every time);

The let-me-do-it-alone behavior;

Happily annoys her Dad and Mom;

Uses shouting and crying as means to get what she wants;

Always run away from her nanny whenever she needs to have a diaper change;

Loves to throw food on the floor and laughs while her nanny picks every morsel of food;

Wants to carry her baby brother and plant thousand of kisses everyday;

Became a daddy’s girl;

Her best friend ever is Barney, second is Po from teletubbies;

Loves to eat cheese and chocolates;

Always on the phone and pretending that she’s having a conversation with her “mama” (grandmas’);

Puking is also one of her means to get her way with us;

Sings with mommy and daddy some kids songs and recites in her alien language some nursery rhymes;

Loves to read books, color, scribble objects and make lots of lines and tells mommy that it’s letter “a”;

Wants to carry and cuddle her baby brother;

Loves to eat ice cream.

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