Life sucks! Sometimes you come to a point wherein you abhor too much those negative traits of your false friends. and that’s where I am now, I kept on reminding myself that they are good persons but my mind kept on reiterating and flashing some thoughts that justifies what kind of persons they are. What I truly hate are those kinds who happen to be ignorant of the meaning of true friendship; who never value others feelings. They are so good when they are talking at you but can manage to stab at your back also. They are being influenced by some backward people. And even manages to brush with your shoulders with such nonchalance.
Thank you for reminding me that people like you still exist in this world thus keeping me aware to keep safe from your snake-like-bite.
It keeps my balance, my reality check. It helps me reassess myself where I am and where am I heading to.
At least it’s not yet too late for some adjustment on how to deal with them.
Sweet-mouthed yet they sting…
Words of comfort yet they bite…
Good advices but then they stab at your back…
Farewell to you ugly and stinky bipedal, stingy horned elephant like snakes!

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