Tu Wen’s big Day!!!

princess went to tu wen’s birthday. now he’s one year old, he’s our burmese friend. chinese restaurant is becoming “gas-gas” everytime that there’s a b-day party this place is the venue. why not other restaurants or hotels? nakialam ba sa may birthday!!!heheehheh anyways, chinese beijing restaurant is cheaper and you can have a lot of food and what i like is their “butche” it’s the best here in doha.
we saw the qafac families there. raymond is so big now, he’s the certified kuya to the babies and toddlers in the pinoy community. ebenezer also can walk and eat on his own. and tu wen can walk but his teeth just popped out last week.
princess has really a magic appeal on everybody, when we arrived she’s the center of attraction again in the crowd. there’s this beautiful half burmese and half danish girl she liked our munckin very much.
like other toddlers princess sat on the high chair and had also her chicken corn soup and ninong ely kept on bugging her.
on the way home we saw tita lutch and tito bob again we’re onto the same discussion on from whom princess got a lot more of her genes. one vote for dad nath as tita lutch really liked her to be the same face with her dada but, tito bob saw more …of course “pinagbiyak na bunga” kami ni princess…and the winner is momsy!!!

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