Tryin’ a new sport

Finally, I gave in to my friend’s (J) persuasion of trying a new sport, which is by the way she really patronizes (whom she referred as a sport with “class”). It’s been nearly 2 months that she was talking me into engaging into tennis.

Eventhough, I really liked the idea of indulging myself into a new sport which would help me also reduce my weight (still got the love handles from giving birth to my 1 year old son) and to have time for myself once in a while still I was so hesitant to join her for lot of reasons; like I don’t have a nanny who’ll take care of my kids while I’m out there and enjoying myself and second it’s still summer and sometimes humidity is so high but my hubby cooperated very well and as well as my brother, so case no. one is solved then just deal with the heat and the humidity.
Good thing is our friend M will be joining us too so good luck to us!Thanks to our husbands who’ll be looking after our kids. Last Sunday we went to City Center with our friends M and C and looked for all the neccessary stuffs we’ll be using. We walked to and fro all the sports shop and tried to haggle with every salesperson to give us more discount for the racquet.

As a starter for this sports I don’t have an idea which tennis apparel and racquet to buy. And so, I settled with the affordable one and decided to have the Head Titanium 4100 (original price is Qr 208 and I got it for Qr 160) and my friend M got the Head Titanium 4200( orig. price is Qr.199 and got it for Qr.179), of course we bought it with discounts. We bought also knee pads and wrist bands from Sun and Sands.

I’m excited and i’m looking forward to start the lessons at once so that I can play tennis with my friends.

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