Time to Reap the Fruit of my Hard Labor

Yey! I’m so happy that I lost 5 kg in a week. It was hard at Day 1 but then I persevered, I’m too willing and determined to do this cleansing diet until I reach my normal weight. You might ask me why it was hard? The diet itself is so strict and I was the one cooking for my family. Imagine myself drooling over the salmon that I cooked or the tortang talong (eggplant) on the second day of my diet. I don’t eat with them, I eat alone or they eat first. The bonus part was on the fifth day , eating beef barbecue ribs (I took out the fatty part) with 6 whole tomatoes and the sixth day , which is the feast day also another beef day  with vegetables and fruit juice.
Then I told my hubby and my brother that I’m in a strict diet so that they’ll not bug me from time to time why I’m not eating with them but still they kept on asking and after day 3 they stopped. I wrote the diet on a piece of paper and clipped it on the calendar for me to see what I should be eating in a week (even though I memorized it already since I did it  2 years ago) and for them also to read and stop calling my name whenever they are eating lunch or dinner. That’s the least thing that they can do for me, to stop asking me to eat with them. Their cooperation meant a lot.

I cooked and baked last Friday for my old friends and had a happy conversation with them while they ate and appreciated almost all the mouth watering and gastronomically satisfying main dishes and desserts that I made even though I was eating with them with  steamed broccolis.

The most important part is I can control myself in not indulging and eating while I was in my diet period. I followed every detail in my strict diet.

Now, I’m ready for stage two, which is another diet, a high protein and low car diet. I’m doing’ sit-ups every morning, only that I can’t make 100 of them unlike before when I was in college, but 50 sit-ups a day is not bad!

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