Another day is over!!! Such a busy and quick day, have gone to magic touch saloon and had my hair some treat….I had a rebond, highlight and a new hair cut. My li’l munchkin is a bit behaved today; they stayed with dada in her ninong’s house and jelay gladly played with her. They danced and jelay go crazy w/ her flying toys, Andréa kept on throwing everything on the floor. Jelay almost finished Andréa’s baon- her hero biscuits and asked for more.
After a nearly five hours stay in a saloon; had chit-chatted with lot’s of badings (shokla) almost of their customers are like them…huh! No wonder almost all of the news in this city you can learn it from them. I’m really satisfied with my new look and I feel good about it. Gone are those curly locks of my hair and hello to my very straight and shiny deep red with chocolate brown hair….

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