A day with Great Pals

Last Thursday, our friends, the San Juan’s were here in the house to have some fun while it’s still holiday but not for dad Nath since he got back to work last Wednesday and for the kids to play and as well as the moms to catch up on some things and dads on the Xbox. At first I did not know what to prepare since almost all of our stock were almost finished since it was nearly a week since we bought our groceries.

 I raided my cabinets and I still have those penne and macaroni pastas so there problem solved plus I still have ground chicken and some packed mushrooms but the problem was I don’t have tomatoes nor tomato sauce. I called my friend to bring with them a can of tomato sauce. And there were still lots of vegetables so I made a stir fry with tofu and quail eggs and cooked another menu, the tofu in oyster sauce. And dad Nath bought cheese sticks and 2 big pizzas from Papa John’s so problem solved. And our friends brought with them chicken wings marinated in paprika and with some other spices and steamed crabs. It was a feast as contradictory to what I’ve thought at first that I’ve nothing to cook for our dinner.

We had a very long night and we knew that we should hit the bed early since another sunrise with our multiply family friends the following day would occur. And of course food are more delicious with the company of great friends.

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