Thousand Kisses and a Thud!

Every day Ate princess would approach Momsy and ask if she could kiss Sean and the funny thing is that she’ll readily cross her arms, as told by her uncle, so as not to crush Sean or worst do some hideous acts to her baby brother.

She’ll kiss first on Sean’s face, which resulted to lots of rashes on both cheeks then down to his brother’s arms and plant tiny kisses with loud sound on the legs.

What a wonderful sight of my adorable kids, older sibling wants to take care of her little brother but there are also times when she is attacked by jealousy and the very good and responsible “ate” would aimingly hurl her toys or worst box or pull the leg or arm of the new baby. That’s the time that the tamed sheep would change to a fierce cub!

She has changed! One incident, she hurt Sean again and her Dad and I got angry with her, we told her that she should not do bad things to little brother. What she did, she batted her eyelashes and turned her back against us and walked away heading to the door while staring with a tiger look on us, and we were shouting at her coz she’s near to bump her face on the wall! What a knee-high Neanderthal she is!

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