the shopaholic baby!!!

we went to babyshop yesterday and princess went home with a piano, barbie doll and a little barbie ( barbie’s daughter), skirt, and summer blouses. yep! shopping galore with momsy and dada. i think her cabinet when she reaches her first birthday would be overflowing with her clothes not to mention that there’s a suitcase waiting for her in pinas from lola mameng (balikabayan box from the  States) and lots of dresses also from auntie baby from u.k.
when i gave to princess her first barbie doll she’s do very happy you can read it from her eyes. it seems that she knows how to play with dolls now, she did not put the barbie in her mouth but then i have to take off barbie’s shoes maybe princess would put them inside her mouth and that would be a serious problem. wow! she gave barbie a kiss!!! she’s screaming at me coz she wants also to play with barbie’s daughter but, can’t give it to her coz it has lots of accessories in its hair and some tiny materials on its dress. she’d gone nuts also with her piano i dunno if we’re disturbing our neighbors with its noise can’t keep princess from banging it.
and of course we’ve been also to our usual routine–picture perfect! it’s like i’m becoming a real stage momsy everytime that there’s new i’m into our digital camera again and princess to her terrific stunts while momsy keeps on clicking the camera. for sure mama baby and papa boy as well as uncle nnoy would be very happy to see her pics again on the net. and i think the second part of her movie will be finished only that dada is always busy.

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