The Princess Way

Talking the Toddler-ease way to Princess is very applicable whenever she is in her tantrumland.

And if she’s in her calm self you can talk to her the normal way, but if she’s having some bad day (which only occur if she lacks sleep, deprived of some chocolates and sweets—coz we don’t want her to be addicted to sweets, or if momsy or dada do not want to give in to what she wants, yes…she’s a demanding toddler!) the following course of action should take place: a.) Talk to her in short phrases b.) Talk to her in a low tone c.)Repeat what she wants to convey in that way she’s assured that you really listened and understand her d.)Use a facial expression and body language that shows that you care and respect her.

Shouting back at her would do no good and bears only more defiance in her part. She’s a tough kiddo and it will only make her tougher.

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