The Pre-Winter Bug

Last night we went to the clinic (Qatar Medical Clinic), both of my kids are down with cough and cold and a fever (seems in an on and off mode- it keeps on coming back!). It was like a reunion of Filipino community in this clinic. Lots of kids and babies were there and most of them with the same case, cough and colds. The culprit is the changing weather, the heat dropped and winter is coming and outdoor activities are more inviting, which I guess, the reason why they got sick.
Princess insisted in going to Al Ghazal Tennis court last Saturday as opposed to our plan of having a night out in The Mall with Sean while their dad and uncle are having fun with tennis.

My 3- year old daughter is the carrier of the virus and my 1 year old is the receiver. Good that they are now good kids, they take their medicines and stopped arguing and puking before any medicine would touch their lips as what they always do.

The same happened to their friend, Xianne, and good that she’s getting well now. Getting sick in the family is hard especially that they are our kids and not us, sometimes I wish that it’s me and not them.

For us, no outdoor activity yet, not until they are both well and good that holiday is coming, Eid el Fiter Holidays, so Princess has more time to rest.

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