The Pinoy Henyo Game on New Year’s Eve

Our New Year’s eve celebration was full of happiness and laughter. We had our Media Noche at 9 pm, this time I prepared a table setting for my best friend and her family and another old high school friend who’s with another friend. The menu is simpler than the Noche Buena but they really enjoyed the food. We had Beef Barbeque Ribs,KFC Fried Chicken, Bulalo, Caesars Salad, sweet corn on the cob, leche flan, and gelatin. Ate Jovie and Faye brought a lot of food too, they cooked cassava cake, bilo-bilo, biko, pansit and Sean’s favorite cutchinta.

As we waited for the countdown for the New Year we let the kids dance first and wished everyone a blessed and a happy new year as 2006 closed and welcomed 2007 with enthusiasm and overflowing joy.

And we played charade again and then Pinoy Henyo. Our other visitors did not know how it is played since they are not watching Pinoy TV so my old good friend Sherwin explained to them how it is being played. We limit our category to the things and objects inside the living room and we borrowed Andrea’s crown and put double adhesive on it and there the game and laughter begun. We finished playing the game at 3 am and it was parting time.

Here’s to a New Year, a new chapter of our lives, like a new canvass that will be painted with new picture in it. And I wish that the painting of our lives would be bright and colorful. And I hope that this year will be filled with happiness and good health to all of my family and my friends, a world at peace ( I know I’m being ambitious for that but who knows?), a life that looks always on the good seed at every adversity and sees and feels the pure and wonderful heart of every being.

Cheers for a Wonderful Life!


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