The Opening Ceremony

The other night we hurriedly went home from a friend’s house to watch the most awaited Opening Ceremony of the 15th Asian Games, but sad to say that Mother Nature was so uncooperative and the most important part, which I found on the day of the 2nd rehearsal the major highlight of the ceremony was deleted.

The eleven floating boats that came from the biggest screen above the stadium and with all the  acrobats suspended on the sailboat as pearl divers were not shown, maybe for some safety reasons but still I’m so happy that we were able to watch the 2nd rehearsal.

The big golden dome was also missing. This appears from the big screen before the wedding ceremony. And the lighting of the cauldron was the nerve wracking part, I thought that the horse wouldn’t make it but hooray to one of the Emir’s son, he made it to the top of the steep ramp without slipping.

As for the fireworks, I’m not that impressed. Just the last quarter of it was the great part and the rest was not so good.

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