The Merry Christmas with Friends

We celebrated the Noche Buena with our friends and we had a blast playing charade and the party ended up nearly 5 am. It was one happy Christmas night. Santa Claus dropped by to give his gifts for Ate Princess and Sean. He gave to Ate Princess her dream gift, a bike and a car for Sean. But he (Daddy Santa) almost blew his cover. Princess recognized that it was not Santa but her Daddy so we have to do a lot of convincing that it was indeed Santa. And she was saying, “No, it’s Daddy!” And together with her friend Xianne they were saying that it was not Santa again and again. Lesson learned that never invite Santa if his voice is not well modulated enough or else Santa’s real identity will be revealed. We should have turned off the lights and used candles while Santa Claus is giving his gifts to these smart kids.


Food, glorious foods!!! I baked 2 pans of chocolate moist cakes and ordered an ube macapuno cake, cooked baked macaroni, gelatin (with peach, langka and fruit cocktail), kare-kare. Our friends who came to have Noche Buena with us brought chicken, pasta, fruit salad and tuna crochets.

My old high school friend e-mailed me a day before Christmas and he told me that he’ll be working here in Qatar and there we had quite a reunion. I was so happy upon seeing him and so we chatted and reminisced old high school memories of our other friends. The world is really small!
And after 10 hours of sleep Princess went to some of her Ninong and Ninangs. It was her first time to go around her Godparents and she was so happy to kiss and hug them and receive her gifts. She played with ate Janah while she was in her Ninay Jinky’s house then after more than an hour we went up to her Ninay Yang. Princess enjoyed playing with ate Yani and she had a beautiful butterfly tattoo in her face. We greeted another friend, Tita Nova and Ninong Obin (they are also living in the same building) and wished that we had ample time because Jeb was asking li’l Sean to play with him.Good that her Ninangs were staying in one building and as promised we went to her Ninay Marichris. She played again with her friends; Jerome, Jeroen, Michael, Angel and Marky.





And it was already late, 9pm and Princess was asking her daddy if we can go to big Anjela’s house. So we agreed that it would be the last house that we should go because it was already late but still she’s telling daddy N that we should go to her Mom May’s house after ate Jelay’s.


So there, we arrived at home past 11 pm and still they got the energy to open their gifts and play for awhile then all was so exhausted that we slept almost all day long the following day.

It’s so nice to be a kid …


Again, Merry Christmas Everyone!


Sean Linus

2 Replies to “The Merry Christmas with Friends”

  1. Hi dimpz,
    Musta na?
    Nice blog you got there. Happy New Year to you and your family. Is that STR behind that red outfit? Hehehe, it was funny when Princess thought that Santa Claus was her daddy. She is way too smart..hehe.


  2. Tita Belle Hello!

    It’s sooo nice to hear from you!!! I always visit your blog and your daughters are amazing. Brainy beautiful princesses you’ve got. Steffi and Alexis are talented, you are so blessed!

    Yup, that’s STR only that he blew his cover as Santa:)

    Happy New Year!!!


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