The Love and Happiness in Giving!

The Universe Is A Giant Mirror

I’ve never forgotten that lesson in my life.

Life is a mirror. If I smile at the mirror, the mirror will smile back at me. If I frown, the mirror will frown back. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be very worried if I smile at the mirror and the mirror frowns back. Heebeejeebies.

The universe operates like a giant mirror. What I give, I receive. Most of what happens to me is simply a reflection of what I’ve been giving to the universe.

People ask me why my life is so profoundly blessed. One reason is because I’ve been giving.

Above are another excerpts from Bro. Bo Sanchez. You can read the whole story here:

Allow me to post another again from my readings. Since I subscribed to receive Bro Bo’s  blog update I can’t contain it to my self only but too happy to share his soulfood. The writings in italics are my contribution to the continuous generosity of good people here on earth.

Giving for me is reminding me that I’m so blessed that’s why I can share some of my blessings to others especially to those who are in need.

The feeling of happiness is unequaled if you’re generous to others. And we want our kids to do the same and continue what we have started from the past until the present time.

The surge of joy to see that we make other people happy by sending their kids to school especially in college amidst all the global crisis. That indeed poverty is not a hindrance to attain success. How I wish that in every Filipino who goes out of the country to earn a living in abroad can extend more help to send kids to school. And I believe that what you have  shared to others bounces back to you in hundred-folds.

I grew up learning from my parents from the examples that they had showed to us that sharing and sending some of our cousins to school is the best gift that they can give to them. And so when it’s my time to help a kid from my hubby’s province I never hesitated to offer a helping hand. And it started to one kid in elementary and I told myself how about one also from our town. Glad to say that she’s now in college and nearly she’ll be finished after 2 more years.

And as to my hubby, I’m very blessed that he’s molded and raised of being generous to others. Being good is deeply imprinted in his mind and in his heart.

Reaching out to my old and dear friends in times of their shortcomings even it’s not that huge huge amount of money  and in any other ways to comfort them I think I have made my contribution. How about you? What have you done lately to help?

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