The Kiddie Party


Sean celebrated his 2nd birthday party last Sunday in Burger King. The party went well but the celebrant dozed off before the party started. We arrived 3o minutes before the party time and they played with new friends,  Matt and Thea while waiting for our friends to come. The celebrant got tired from running and playing with the balloons and I guess the cold syrup made him doze off too.

We were trying to wake him up but he slept like there was no party going on. He would have loved to play the games but everytime I would whisper on his ear to wake him up he just slept peacefully. Just a few minutes away from blowing his birthday cake I let him stand while in my arms on the table and his eyes opened I guess he was a bit surprised to see more visitors and more kids in the party room so there he made it before the party ended.

Ate Andrea and the kids enjoyed playing some games and as well as the parents. The dads played the paper dance and we had a blast seeing each pair of dads doin’ some strategy on how to fit the two of them each time the newspaper is being folded into smaller sizes.

Moms got also the chance to play, the musical chair game, to top it all not only the kids had their blast but as well as the parents. Only that Burger King did not give prizes to those who won in the adult games unlike McDonald’s and the staffs are not so prepared. They just distributed the party hats to the kids on the middle of the games not on the start of the party.

To those our friends who came and especially to those who live away from Doha who have had to endure a very long drive just to celebrate with us, thank, thank you very much. And thanks also to Sean’s Ninongs and Ninay’s who remembered him on his birthday even they are so far they sent us e-mails and messages. Thanks for the thoughtfulness, for the love, for the prayers and for always remembering.

Thanks for the gifts, mind you, my boy was so happy the night we reached home after the party. Opening his gifts with the help of Ate Andrea was so exciting that the two of them can’t keep themselves from gasping everytime they would open a toy. They kept on smiling and my li’l boy was so fidgety with so much excitement. They have lots of toys but with the sight of wrapped gifts and the tearing of gift wrap and the unfolding of new toys which are mainly for boys made Sean more happy.

He also received lots of shirts, pants and pajamas that he could use during winter time and a 3-piece suit too!:)

And Thank you Daddy God for another wonderful year and the years to come for our son…

My wish is just simple…great health and happiness. No mom in this world would be more happy with a healthy and a happy child. Mommy, daddy and ate Andrea love you very much!

It maybe not so vivid in his mind how we celebrated his birthday party, with his age of two what may only register there are the cake, gifts, friends but for sure the feelings, emotions of being loved will be carved in his heart forever.

Even his great pals were not there to celebrate with him (hehehe of course his friends like Barney, BJ, Baby Bop, Tasha, Tyrone, Uniqua, Austin, Pablo & Orry) he always mentions that they were there with him.

Thanks to Tito X-tian for all the help. And to all our friends, thanks…

More pictures…

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And more pictures will be uploaded to my gallery…

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