The Harry Potter Fever

The Story of how we ended up buying Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)…

As Saturdays’ of the Rafael’s starts with the church Sat. mass, we planned last night to go to Jungle Zone in Hyatt Plaza to treat Ate Andrea and Sean with some rides and to watch some stage plays performed by international artists as I read from the newspaper for the Color Ur Summer Event from 4:30 in the afternoon until 9:30 in the evening.

But there were some changes in our plan after the mass instead of going there at 4 pm we went straight to some of our friends to give them Sean’s birthday invitation so as to lessen the load of distributing them. Then after we headed to Hyatt Plaza, discarding the idea of watching some stage plays since it would be late by then if we would pursue and Dad N has work tomorrow.

Upon entering the mall we were surprised that there was a show and indeed it was the launching of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This is the last tale of the boy’s wizard adventure so just imagine the excitement of people all around the world-waiting to have the first grab of the most awaited book for the Harry Potter-mania by JK Rowling.

People are gladly watching the performers from Jungle Zone Plaza, the same performers during Ate Andrea and Sean’s 1st birthdays, there was the juggler who can juggle almost everything from balls to hats to batons and there’s an additional in the team a “unano” a small man, below the average size and height who acts as the laughing stock and minus, Aldrin the magician.

They asked some questions regarding some characters in the book and in between those questions there were some games. And they were giving some DVDs’ of the Harry Potter if you’ll win. There was this one game wherein they asked for 3 girls and I was asking Ate Andrea to go there on the stage and join the game, maybe, she’ll win and we’ll have a DVD but she was not in the mood. And the game was very easy; the three girls should put the pen with a string hooked on one ear and then the first one who’ll put the pen inside the bottle will win. And three of them got a DVD.

Another game was played by 5 moms and 5 dads, the Japanese walk, wherein 5 paper plates were inserted in the armpits, in between the legs, in the neck and one is used as a fan and the contestant will walk around the chair and then back to her/his teammates and then pass on the plates and the first team to finish wins the game. I wanted to stand up and go to the stage but I hesitated for sure Sean would go with me and there surely we’ll spoil the chance of winning so I told my hubby to join them. But the mom team won so that DVD was not really meant for us.

The last part was the purchasing of the book. It was like every people sitting there jumped off their sits and the long qeue started. Perplexed of what we should do, we were caught in confusion since we did not intend to buy the book and i just wanted to borrow from a friend but they announced that if you’ll purchase a book there’ll be a free ticket for the Jungle Zone rides so there to late we didn’t know that the first one to purchase the book will receive 4 DVDs of Harry Potter.The book costs Qr. 99.00 and the ticket in Jungle Zone is Qr. 45 so we decided to just buy the book and have a free ticket so there that’s how we were able to buy and be in the Harry Potter fever.

It was then followed by pictorials. Everyone who purchased the book was on the stage. Unluckily, my camera’s battery was nearly dead so I was able to take small shots.

Now, I’ve got another book to read and an additional backlog. The Zahir, I’m not yet finished and my sweet hubby just bought another interesting book, The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman and the question now is on how I could be able to read those books without eye bags. See, I’ve got only free time when the kids are in deep slumber or they have their afternoon naps.

Here are the pictures taken during the HP launching:

 hp1.JPG    hp4.JPG    hp3.JPG  

hp5.JPG    hp6.JPG    hp7.JPG

hp8.JPG   hp9.JPG   hp10.JPG

hp11.JPG   hp12.JPG   hp13.JPG

                 hp14.JPG   hp15.JPG










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  1. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article The Harry Potter Fever, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  2. Hi Daniel! Thanks for visiting my blog. This is just the launching of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in Hyatt Plaza:)

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