The Friday Group


During two consecutive Fridays our house was full of kids. They were practicing for Ate Shey’s cotillion for her seventh birthday party. As kids as they are, they are so bubbly and so energetic that they kept on chasing each other around the house. My two kids were so happy playing with them that each time that they have to leave they always cry. They want to play with them more and they want that Ate Shey would stay with us.

On the first practice, Tita Jinky brought cake and spaghetti with her since it was in time with her birthday. The kids can’t eat properly since ate Yanny, the liveliest and most animated girl in the group kept on cracking jokes so just imagine 12 energetic kids plus my two kids in one house.

On the second Friday, it was also their dress rehearsal, the girls looked so lovely in their gowns and as well as the handsome boys in their tuxedos. Ate Andrea asked me if she can wear a gown too so there she used her old gown, the one that she had for costume parties and my little boy danced beside the escort but Kuya Gio Accidentally elbowed him so he was so angry and he ran to me and cried.

Moms and dads of these kids were also very supportive that they allow their spare time to drive their kids to the house and mostly all moms were here in the house to coach them. I’ll post their pics as soon as the party will be over, one more week and it will be ate Shey’s 7th birthday

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