The Five times Five Account

Five Yrs ago…2001 It was a year after I graduated my degree and I was still in My dear sweet homeland trying to get out of the country as planned, I did not want to work there. I wanted bigger remuneration to be able to save at once for a business so my choice is to go out and seek for greener pasture.

After 5 months of 2001..I was already out of the country and working in a big company owned by a Sheikh, I was part of the team who opened a franchise in the Middle East. Remuneration is bigger as expected and life is still in a roller coaster, i thought I wouldn’t make it! But I did! I soared and found myself again…

5 MOnths Ago…(fast forward) At this point of time i’m already married and has a toddler and on my way for our second baby. It was a day before I delivered our new baby boy. I was already preparing everything that we’ll need in going to the hospital (but i packed my bag and my baby’s bag when i was on my 7th month, just to make sure). Pinkish discharge are seen as sign of the start of my labor but it’s a week earlier than expected. On the following day, as early as 2 am I roused everybody from sleep, I know it’s the time. From my experience from my first born I already know when I should go to the emergency, I waited for 2 more hours to make sure my dilation had progressed. And then my Hubby, along with my toddler, my brother and our maid we went to the hospital. And after two and a half hours, We made it! My new angel is in my arms already.

5 Weeks Ago…We spent almost all of our shopping for some furnitures and my hubby was back from Dubai from a company training. We bought new furnitures to fill in most of the spaces in our big receiving room. Two years ago, we were given a short notice to vacate the villa that we are renting if we’ll not succumb to the demands of an almost double increase to our monthly rental. But we resisted on him and tried to find a flat that would meet our budget, and for that we had to sell some of our furniture since we planned to transfer to a smaller place and it won’t accomodate 2 sofa sets. But we didn’t find the flat that we wanted so we decided to stay. Flat rentals here are jacking up and as well as old ones so we better stay put and rebuild our home. But still I didn’t want to unpack those 10 big boxes for I really wanted to transfer to a new flat only that we can’t.

5 Days Ago…It was the day before New Year, and as usual I have to do most of the preparations for our dinner. I listed for my hubby and my brother all the things and fruits and other things that they should buy from the grocery. From morning til afternoon I was preparing and cooking food.

5 Hours Ago...We started watching Season 4 Of 24 and still watching it til now. My sweet yet naughty toddler kept on diverting our attention to her. She wanted us to focus on her shapes and object puzzle and ended up her tickle-everybody game.

5 Minutes Ago…Still watching 24 and writing this post.

5 Minutes From Now…Surely, i’ll still be in front of my computer, writing some post for my toddler and my baby.

5 Hours From Now…I’ll be sleeping on that time, and of course, or maybe i’ll be up by that time and breastfeed my baby. He drinks milk every three to four hours. And as soon he is full i’ll catch up on my sleep.

5 Days From Now…Nothing special that i want to do on this day just go on with my everyday activities; taking care of my two babies and the usual ordeals. Of course, that includes an exercise in the morning, and hopefully, i could follow my fitness schedule.

5 Months From Now…My baby boy would be 10 months this coming July and I would be already a year older by that time. Am so hopeful that by that time i reduced my size and weight and gained more wisdom. And my sweet daughter would be nearing her third birthday and soon by that time, she started already her nursery school.

5 Years From Now…it would be 2011 my daughter is already seven years old and my baby boy is five. I think by that time i’m already working and secured savings for my kids and have already travelled around Europe and Asia. If our plan of migrating to UK or Canada would push through but still i’m doubtful but hopes that we are still considering that plan. And the rest is vague for me.

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