The First Day at Nursery

Sunday morning, Andrea’s first day at the nursery, I woke her up at 5:30 am and told her that time to wake up and it’s her first day at nursery so up she went, excited and I told myself this is a good start for her. I gave her something to eat and she followed me in the kitchen and after cooking her food (I packed chicken nuggets and hotdogs and rolled sliced bread with nutella) I gave her a bath and hurriedly dressed her. I was also excited as well as her daddy.

When we reached Mulberry Bush her friend Xianne was already there with her mom. It’s only a 5 minutes drive from our house but the thing was in between 6 and 7 am traffic started to build up especially that almost all of the cars were going in our route.

There’s a waiting room and there’s also an adjacent room, a soft play room wherein kids can play while waiting for the other kids. When all kids arrived then they’ll go upstairs to start their daily activities. Viewing comes first then kids will go to their rooms assigned according to their age groups. I thought Andrea and Xianne will be in the Butterflies section but they were taken to the Spiders section (for 4 years old).

Andrea’s first day at nursery was okay, we waited for an hour, after settling them first (Andrea and her friend Xianne) making them more comfortable with the new place and environment, we left and came back after 6 hours.

While we were in the house me and my friend (Xianne’s mom), were waiting for a call from the nursery but nobody called us meaning the first day went well.

I asked teacher Naome, her teacher in her section about Andrea and she told me that she was a good girl, she listened to the teacher and she’s not a nuisance. quite a relief for me upon hearing this that my kiddie behaved well and I know she’ll be okay with them.

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