The Big School and Hectic Days

Days are so fast, now, January is also like a ticking bomb. We have lots of things to finish since we are going to our yearly vacation and hopefully nothing is being left unattended. Princess Big school, Sean’s 18th month vaccination, stuffs to brings, and things to keep while we are away.
First, we went around almost all of the schools that we like for Princess big school. We went to Park House School (British Curriculum), The Cambridge School, then to Doha Montessori and British School then last drop is Doha English Speaking School. And most of these schools will start receiving registration forms end part of February and will give assessment and interview on the following months.

The problem is we’ll be leaving earlier and another thing is Park House School and Doha English Speaking School gives priority to British kids and there will be only available slot if some sections will not be filled. These two British schools are perfect for Princess big school but they are too costly and we are not British nationals.
The Doha Montessori and British School is our chance and hopefully Princess will make it in the interview and assessment. This school gives more importance on the EQ (emotional intelligence) of the kid and the environment is so nice. When we went there to get the admission form we watched the KG1 while they were on the shaded grounds having some activities. There are only 12 kids and and one British teacher and an assistant. Registration fee is Qr. 1000 and the tuition fee per term is Qr 3450. The people in the registrar’s office are very accommodating and they even let Princess have an earlier schedule for her interview.
In Cambridge School they will only accept registration forms in April and in the first come, first-served basis. The registration fee which is non-refundable is Qr 700 per child and the tuition fee is Qr. 2810 per term.

If you are a parent intending to enroll your kid this September 2007 here are some of the needed documents:

2 current passport size picture

A copy of the birth certificate

A copy of the passport

A copy of the Residence Permit

A copy of the immunization card

Completed admission form (fr. the school)
Completed medical form (fr. the school)

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