Thankful that it’s a Weekend Again:)

Clad in a blue jeans and a red shirt with a green shawl and a black umbrella matched with a red slippers now, do I look like a multicolored peacock? Yes! I guess hehehe…With this boiling hot temperature here in Doha there’s this need to cover your whole body. And for the past days, sandstorms kept on bringing sands to your mouth as if I’ve never tasted it before, swirling and dancing to the winds music covering my kids face with a shawl is a must.

How I wish the cold months are already here but who am I to be asking this drastic change, only Mother Earth knows how it would be.

Indoor activities for kids are the only that we can enjoy for the moment. Great that it’s again weekend. Looking forward to going to our friend’s house for a post birthday celebration and house warming then a movie treat from daddyiou. We’ll watch Ice Age 3. Kids are beaming with joy and are too excited to be watching again in the big screen. And what’s the most important on a weekend? Going to church and giving our thanks to the unending pouring love and blessings from up.:)

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