Tennis at Khalifa Int’l Complex

Yesterday after sending our daughter to school we decided to watch tennis at Khalifa International tennis and Squash Complex together with our friend Mavis. As we thought that it would be nicer to go there than have the very long walk in Aspire, Sports City but to my dismay almost all of the spectators were Indians cheering for their Queen Sania Mirza. If you’ll notice, the Indian nationality topnotch the highest number of population of expats here in Qatar.So what can I expect?

Just a wishful thinking that there are many Pinoy supporters and cheerers there too! As for Indians, they have this full support for there players. When we watched the games at Aspire the week ago, it was the finals for kabaddi and it was I think the day that Aspire met its capacity limit for spectators that they have to close the gates for kabaddi at 2 pm even the game would start at 7 pm. And from the entrance of Aspire there are other Indian nationalities talking and begging to the security guards and volunteers to let them enter because of kabaddi. And while we were watching badminton we could hear the chantings and cheerings for the kabaddi players.
So back to tennis at Khalifa, we had to head back to the school after more than an hour of watching and cheering for the Chinese tennis player. Thanks Mavis for the breakfast… We want to stay more but our kids would be waiting for us already.

And as for today, we should have watched there again but there was no ticket available The queue was very long and my husband went home without a single ticket so we don’t have any option but to stay at home and watch again the events on TV.

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