A Wonderful Friday


We had a very hectic- full -of -fun activities Friday. We woke up at 4 am to ready the kids for another sunrise get together with friends in West Bay and for a swim. The kids were very easy to rouse up; now I know another technique, just tell them that they’ll go to the beach then they’ll be up without asking for another 5 minutes in bed and another 5 minutes of sitting in the kitchen while staring at nowhere outside the window. That’s how my kids start their day, it’s like their morning doze of coffee—the 5 minutes that can last to 10 minutes sort of “meditation”.

All the things needed were put in one round table the other night ready so that I’ll not panic the moment that we’ll leave. We reached our usual spot and 2 families were already there, titan jinky’s family and tita wen’s family. It was like 15 minutes before the sunrise. And again I love the serene surroundings and moment later the gray sky gave birth to a bright orange-pink sun, it was majestic. As it slowly rose and together with the kids we were caught in great awe by its beauty and the colors that it exuded illuminating more orangey hue. Ah, the beauty of nature at its best!

Andrea and Sean played a lot with their friends. Sean fell in love with a basket full of different kinds of Kuya Yuan’s dinosaurs and Andrea is itching to have her dip in the sea. The adults were busy munching on slice bread, bacons, hotdogs, spaghetti and sipping hot coffee. Thanks to Tita Jinky for the coffee, I was deprived with my usual one cup dosage of coffee for almost 4 days since we were out of stock. And my golly I had my second cup refilled.

Kids swam, collected shells and built sand castles, to sum it up it was a huge fun for all of us. Some of our friends did not make it, they did not wake up early, so folks surely there’ll be a next time and until next time our multiply group.