Swimming Part 2

Why waste time sleeping in the house when you can have a grand bed on the vast cool blue waters of open sea near the Pacific ocean? Yup! We almost lived in the sea. Everyday we go to another place and it seemed that there are lots of beautiful places in Catanduanes.

sea1.jpg   sea2.jpg   sea3.jpg

boats.jpg   momsean2.jpg   drinkdad.jpg

starfish.jpg   elot.jpg   pandelibon.jpg

rocky.jpg   fun.jpg   name.jpg   

Rock climbing is part of the adventure in getting there by foot (see below pictures). And it was indeed an adventure when you have to pass a baby (Sean) to your companion already on top of the rock just to pass that area. My long nails got chipped off but it was okay as long as we enjoyed and had fun.

rocks2.jpg   dadnsean.jpg   dadandrea.jpg 

rocks3.jpg   rocks5.jpg   parola.jpg   

2 Replies to “Swimming Part 2”

  1. great pictures, dimpz! sorry, i have been extremely busy these past few days working OT. now, am trying to take advantage of my only day off, Sunday.

    ganda naman ng mga sceneries in Pandan. is there some huts for rent there that i could avail if and when i decide to tour the area. i would love to see the tokyo falls.

  2. Hello tita belle! ok lang po, me too I’m working on our online albums. I’m making a new gallery for our vacation pictures kaya I don’t have new postings.
    maybe in pandan proper, meron siguro but if you’ll go to tabugoc you are always welcome sa house ng parents ni Nath:)

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