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How would you react as a parent if your child is being bullied? And as a parent how would you feel if your child is the one acting up being the bully? And what’s the proper parent reaction and what is not?

i can still remember we went to a friend’s house (eight months ago) to finish what my hubby started, helping to upgrade a friend’s computer. Ate P was just 16 months old and she was playing with Kid XX ( a 5 yrs. old kid). At first, they got along well, since we are the visitor, and hubby was helping them with their computer so the parent were so very accomodating to ate P.

But the kid seems to be adamant in letting ate P play with some of his toys. in the first place, ate P would not touch anything not unless being motivated to do so. and as hours passed, the kid seemed to be impatient to ate P. everytime ate P would touch his toy he would shout at her. and worst time came when he took from their bedroom another toy and he did not want it to share but to let only ate P see it. and as a toddler of 16 mos. she’s curious that she wanted to play with it too. he shouldn’t have shown it to her if he doesn’t want to share it with ate P.

what’s the problem with this kid? parents should have told him to back off and if he doesn’t want to share his toys then why expose it to ate P. as for me, i don’t want a lengthy discussion with my toddler on an unruly behavior, just told ate p that she can just doodle and draw to avoid more fights. but really, it’s disappointing to have a kid with a behavior like that at that age to mention. As much as possible, I always teach my kid to lend and share toys or foods with other kids.

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