some thoughts to ponder!

Well, for consecutive days now, we’ve been to birthday parties, window shopping and just a lazy afternoon walks in Corniche.

Quite a bit happy, we are near to transfer to a new flat! That’s what I’ve been praying for, even for my birthday wish (huh! I’m not yet too old for some wishes). I’m just too desperate to move out from this uncomfortable situation.

I’m not planning for any celebration for my big day; just want to be with my precious daughter and loving husband. We have to save more bucks now, one baby is coming soon and monthly flat rentals are quite high so we have to tighten our belt.

And I promise not to be smitten with my obsession for shopping, things have to change, we have to set some priorities like savings, educational plan (but not buying those pre-need insurances but putting money in the bank for our children), and more investments.

Time flies so quickly, so we have to adjust ourselves with it and be a ruler of our destinies; wherever path we want to traverse.

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