Some Tactics for my witty

Some activities to keep my toddler occupied and jealous-free from her new sibling:

  • Make the most of your time together with her every time you are not nursing or taking care the new baby.
  • Boost her pride and feeling of responsibility on being an older sister/ brother by including her in some of your activities while taking care of the new baby, like letting her throw the soiled diaper of her new sibling in the garbage, letting her take a diaper or anything she can manage that you need (baby powder, cotton balls, or a toy), let her sing and dance to annoy or entertain a wailing baby, in short always include her in whatever ways in a way she’ll feel her importance.
  • Give her more assignments to do, like more coloring books to color.
  • Let her do the tidying of her playing area every time she finishes playing.
  • Read books to her and play with her.
  • Watch with her favorite cartoon or a movie.
  • She’ll be happier if you’re the one who’ll tuck her in during bed time or a nap than the nanny.
  • Be a kid and go down to her level for sometime and this would include a blowing-some- bubbles time with your toddler.
  • Play, read, hug, kiss and always remind her how much you love her.

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