For the past 3 days i was deprived of a decent sleep, until now i’m in front of this pc and making up w/ those days which i forgot to do for our blog…our daily existence here in this beautiful and mysterious world.
We’ve been to parties in a row…hmmmmm…additional calories to be worked on in a cross training machine and in the treadmill hopefully we’ll find time to go to gym and not stay that much in the pool. And take note, my leche flan goes international! hehehehe… I’ve been making my fave dessert to every birthday party for free, of course, once in a while it’s good to help and give friends some favor. Our Indian neighbor asked if I could make leche flan for the birthday party of Shania (my adopted daughter…that was before)
Back to healthy matters, my dear nath lost a lot of weight. He’s in the right track of his ideal weight from 90 kg. To 75kg; still it fluctuates whenever he ate in parties it jack up and on regular days, it remained the same. As for me, i’m so grateful that even though i don’t spend much time now in the gym, instead i go for a swim i kept on losing weight. But i still need to achieve my goal, i’m not yet there. Seems that princess really likes to swim also but i can’t let her coz her skin is still sensitive i don’t want to take the risk of having some allergies or whatsoever. Since birth i was using mineral water for bath so I’ll just wait till she’s a li’l bit older.
What’s new with our munchkin? Now, she can manage to walk great distances. In malls, parties, in intercon hotel and especially in the house she is always walking. Her stroller is no longer of use I think it would be more useful by the time Sean Linus (our dream baby boy by the year 2008, keep my fingers crossed) arrives. Not only that, but she’s a great debater now. If you’ll ask her or tell her something, she’ll instantly turn to her unending babbles. Of course, no exact words yet but she’s always saying something. And her hands are into some gestures like she’s in a debate and her face is full of emotion. Such a darling but sometimes we end up in a grueling argument for she wants always that what she wanted should be followed which most of the time I disagree. I don’t want her to be a rotten brat. You have to hit the rod while it is hot!

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