small favors and friday madness

The other day my friend M (whom I got fond of coz she’s so bubbly and a very nice friend; I can see the very essence and value of friendship in her) sent me an e-mail asking some small favor in helping her to prepare and cook for her friend’s birthday (and alongside with her friend’s celebration was a religious activity the 2000 Rosary; it’s almost the same with what we had in our house the only difference is the 2000 Hail Mary’s instead of the usual count).

I called her after reading some mails and answering some phone calls from other friends and told her the needed ingredients in making leche flan and ref. cake and talked more on what we’ll be doin’ since its weekend again. We settled with the idea of going to Villagio Mall and there’s the newly opened Carrefour to have our groceries and just to see what’s with this new mall.

They came around lunch time, and almost all of the grocery stores were closing, they were like the contestants in Amazing Race who jumped from one grocery store to another , left with small time to buy all the needed stuffs, so they just had the ingredients for leche flan but nothing for the refregirator cake and brought food from Take Away Restaurant (take note of the name of the resto) and after eating lunch we started making the flan with the help of our li’l cook (our daughters) who are always ready to help. And so we let them help a little , only in stirring the yokes. Then came the usual scene from the two bratinellas, yelling, crying and making peace again with each other again for the nth time.

After the cooking we went to the Carrefour, gross, too much people of different races were coming and going. And worst thing is there’s this band (i’m ashamed to tell this but they are kabayans who were singing out loud that’s ….to be continued my baby sean is already awake…

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