Ate P is now 2 yrs and 4 months, and i’m afraid that she’s becoming obese and her attitude has aslo changed from being an extrovert she’s now a shy toddler. If starngers or common friends would approach her she would automatically hide behind and worst would not reply to them.

is this a stage of a toddler? if not, i’m afraid i don’t want her to be like that. i want her to be a bubbly toddler who would be so confident in talking to others.

the other day we attended a costume birthday party of one of his friends, kuya J, and again she was so shy even to our close friends. she doesn’t want to talk and play with other kids. she just stood next to me and asked for milk we did nothing but to sit down and wait for the party to finish. this is not good. i want her to be her old self.

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