Sean’s Milestone

Breastfeeding Sean at first was a little bit difficult for there was no milk in first 2 weeks and MOmsy is still learning the proper latch on and other stuffs on breastfeeding that time plus the fact that Momsy is still sore from delivering him and feeling a lot of pain. After that there were already lots of milk and slowly Sean and Momsy learned and from then on beastfeeding became so easy that even we are inside our car Sean can still get his milk.

The only thing that Momsy is still working on is how to breastfeed Sean discreetly while in malls or other public places.

The first thing to work on in breastfeeding is on how to make the two of you comfortable; mommy and the baby then all the rest would follow. Proper latching is also important, which means that the baby should be sucking in the whole areola part of your nipple if not it would be painful and the nipple should be on top of the baby’s tongue and nose is right up against your breast.
As for Sean, the first few weeks, the interval of feeding him takes from 1 to 2 hours and you can sense that he wants to be feed when he makes sounds with her lips, when he smacks his lips or put his hands in his mouth and the most noticeable sigh that he needs milk when he cries.

While giving him his milk i make it a point that i won’t drift off to sleep while holding him in my lap i’m so afraid that i might get to sleep and drop him on the floor so it’s better for me to put him in the bed and feed him. There is somthing in breastfeeding that makes you sleepy, I noticed that effect both on mommy and the baby. As for Sean, the moment that he started to drink milk he’ll drift off to a deep slumber.

The big difference of a breastfeed baby than feed with a formula milk is very noticeable from the peaceful attitude to the perfect nutrients needed of the baby plus the very strong resistence to common diseases like colds and cough. Ate P’s milk is formula milk, but she had the colostrum and I breastfed her for 3 weeks and after that my milk stopped that’s why I switched her to formula milk.

Speaking of its advantages:

–Mom’s milk has the right temperature so no need for boiling of water,no need for sterelization and no need for feeding bottles, just clean your breast then voila!

–MOm’s milk has so much to offer to the baby: optimal growth and development, decrease in risk in some diseases (mom’s milk is rich in infection fighting antibodies) and it protects the baby from obesity while growing older.

–Emotional Intelligence of a breastfeed baby is also higher, plus the mom and baby relationship is nurtured (emotional closeness).

–And it lowers your expenses, no need to buy expensive formula milk, just eat the right and balanced diet .

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