Sad Story

I guess some of you who happens to work in QChem knows this story already. Our friends M and M are in Philippines together with their kids for a very tragic incident that happened in their family.

Last Saturday, M’s brother (J)  who came also here in Qatar to find work but unfortunately he had some problems with his visa so he had to go home to Pinas before his visa would expire. J is a chemical engineer. He is a good natured guy and from his face emanates his personality of being a good person and even from talking to him in the phone you could have this impression of him as a nice man.

But a day after his arrival in Pinas he met his death, together with his mother. Some friends told us that maybe the suspect who killed them wanted something from them, maybe money or we don’t know. The crime scene was like a visitor came since there was a water in the table and the electric fan was brought down to the receiving room from upstairs.  So what’s the motive behind the death of J and his mother? Or maybe the killer wanted something and they cannot give what he wants or maybe J resisted. When the  father arrived at 8 am J and his mother were already dead.

When my hubby told me this story when he arrived from work I was really stunned. I felt the loss of a life of a nice man whom I just talked to on the phone upon arrival here in Qatar from our long vacation in Pinas about his visa and some other options that could be made just to let him prolong his stay here and gradually fix his visa. I told him not to go home.  

This tragic incident makes me live in fear and paranoia of what’s happening in our country. Is it the result of too much poverty or just the bad nature of human being that costs human lives?

Even my friend who lives near that town in Balanga Bataan, also feels the same way, she told me that the thought of going home for Christmas makes her fear for their lives.

It’s of high importance to be cautious in dealing with others. Being an OFW can be a target for those killers and robbers. This is an awful reality of what’s happening in our country. Even from watching the news there are lots of crimes. God Keep us always safe!

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  1. tragic, indeed! i hope they are doing a thorough investigation to find the motive of the killer. that is not just fair. what is the world coming into nowadays?

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