red light!!!

Before andrea has no inkling on sitting on my lap while we’re stucked for the traffic red light she will cry and do something that tells us that she doesn’t want to stop dada’s car , but now it seems that she adapted the “stop red sign” already. sometimes, it’s so funny that when i turn my gaze to the direction that she’s enjoying herself to i found a locale of course in his tradiotional thobe and a headress making faces with princess while the rest of his family were having a fun with it too. now, she found a way to make herself busy while “jero” is not running, gazing to other cars and drivers.
now she’ll have her full freedom with her new car seat. she can do whatever she wants while momsy is freed also from her heavy weight. it seems that she enjoyed
riding her new stroller (got a new one also she doesn’t want her old one, i think she’s not that comfortable with it no matter how grandma make her comfy with lots of pillows and blankets on it).
yesterday we gave her her test drive with it…whew! she liked it only that in carrefour one sales attendant gave her a bad day! she really want to carry andrea even i told her that she’ll cry she didn’t listen to me and what happened next baby munchkin cried and puked. and worst i just realized that her bumblebee and her bibs are not with us. i forgot it in babyshop after paying all the bills yep! we’re too occupied with the big boxes with us and forgot that i bought also some stuff and they’re in shopping bags.
and the best thing now is she has already her high chair. for sure, she’ll enjoy more her meals with momsy and dada.

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