Proud to be Andrea’s mom

Andrea is in Grade 1 now. It’s been a big challenge for her to keep up with his classmates in speaking Tagalog (she can undertand Filipino language but can’t speak in a fluent way)  and to adjust to her new environment. It’s a big change for her. And we understand her totally. We kept on giving her more love, assurance and more motivation for her to adjust quickly in the new school.

She’s a bright kid. She can keep up with the lessons though most of them are new to her since the school that she was enrolled to before was a little bit delayed and one more thing the Filipino subject is new to her. She’s doing great. Only in Filipino and Social Studies she need to study more.

I can see myself in her during my elem. years, with too many extra curricular activities and clubs to participate and attend to. She’s a girl scout and she joined the chorale. And she’s a class officer too.

We told her that as long as she studies her lessons and she’s learning everyday and she’s happy then we’re okay with it. She said that it’s more tiring in the new school but she seconded it with a statement that she’s learning more.

We kept her disciplined and will continue to supervise them (my kids). I know being a mother is a difficult job but with the great results that we’re getting for staying at home and taking care of them is priceless. No amount of money can ever equal the quality of time, care and love that I spent and gave to my kids. Our love and guidance will be with you Ate. We love you very much!

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