Protected: realizations

it’s sad.
we want to help but it ended up to nothing.
how i wish that the path that he wants to take would lead him to his success.
it is hard to help someone who still thinks of his past path.
just hope that this time his mind is fixed on his goal.

i thought he opened his mind to some opportunities as what he said before
that he can and he will try other job, but it just backfired on us what we expected from him. i don’t know , immaturity and indecisiveness closed his mind but still i don’t want to close all avenues to him. no matter what a brother is still a brother. a family is still a family no matter what happens. that’s why we are still supporting him.

just pray that he’ll come to realize that what we had offered for him is for his own good. hoping that one day realizations would hit him especially on his behavior on how to confront simple problems. that he should learn on how to compose himself and be focused on the issue and not start to attack the person but the problem. learn on how to assess things on a brighter side. be patient and be thankful always.

i’m still thankful that he stayed with us but surely, our little girl would really miss his uncle. ate p loves him dearly and also our little baby boy.

God BLess!

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