PRINCESS’s Milestone

DAY 1 – Opened her almond-like eyes, touched and grabbed a chord inside the incubator and sucked it, geezzzz!!! she must have been sooo starvin’!

DAY 2 – Said her first word “heh!” to grandmomsy; dad put her on her tummy and carried her w/ her head up– careful still wobbly!

AFTER 1 WEEK – she can see us now w/ her beautiful eyes

2 WEEKS AFTER – her first sweet smile…:)

3 WEEKS AFTER – her first pose for her passport; she likes tinky winky a lot!

1 MONTH – very proud w/ her head held high, it’s not that woobly anymore; more interaction w/ mom, dad, grandpapsy and frandmomsy. she responds to sounds and stare at faces.

2 MONTHS – first baby’s day out, she went to QP Clinic for her 1st check up and vaccination. at this time , she can now identify mom, dad, mama baby and papa boy. she starts some vocalization and cooing, follows w/ her eyes some objects w/ bright colors and her head is somewhat steady in an up position.

3 MONTHS – one of the sacraments of her life is fulfilled–her BAPTISM!!! Princess Andrea Lizette WELCOME TO THE CHRISTIAN WORLD!!! During her baptism rites she listened attentively to Fr. Tom. from this month on, baby munchkin went to a lot of outings including a safari dessert, climbed on a sand dune and went to an art exhibit! giggles…giggles… drink lots of milk and water! she smiles more often and recognizes mom a lot.

4 MONTHS – at this month, she can now flip over and stay on her tummy; grasp some stuffs and babbles a lot. her first words are “ging-ging-ging” and “yoko-yoko”, she have a good grasp on her toys now but drooling started.she started calling me “mama”. coos when you talk to her and started her first solid food–carrots for Princess the Bunny Rabbit!!!

5 MONTHS – lots of physical activities: tossing and turning on bed, crawling a bit, grabbing things and started using her walker. she amuses also herself by playing w/ her hands and feet and recognizes her own name. at this month she started putting objects in her mouth,blows some bubbles and started the habit of spitting on everyone’s face!

6 MONTHS – she became “princess the menace”! lots of changes and improvements in her. she rolls in both direction, can sit without support, sucks her thumb as well as her toes and play almost all the time. she also combines now some syllables and got the habit of hitting your face if she gets excited. her first lower incissor tooth came out… she’s eating more solid foods like: squash,prunes,mango,forest fruits, banana, apple and likes to feed herself.

7 MONTHS – she became the darling of the crowd! we went to lots of kids birthday parties and she behaved like a big girl. knows now how to play inside her pool w/ lots of balls in red, yellow, green and blue colors. and what more? she can hold her toys in her hands i think her pincer grasp took it’s toll. she’s doin some body balancing while reaching out for some objects. some words are becoming familiar to her, like “no” and bye-bye. she wants to interact with other kids but one thing is keeping her from big people–it’s her anxiety especially to older friends and strangers. she’s also momsy’s tail, everywhere her mom goes she should be with here or else there would be a riot!

8 MONTHS – eight is our special lucky number, same with our dear munchkin at this month she became more and more energetic and the emotional aspect of her development really improved. she can now easily read a persons mood from being happy, sad and angry. and if she hears a baby or a kid crying you’ll see her facial expression is with some symphaty. she became fond of playing with barbie dolls and her abc puzzles. she became taller and taller almost half the height of momsy!

9 MONTHS – she knows how lockers and cabinets work. she kept on experimenting on things, like how to open and close lockers, doors or anything that can be opened and closed. standing and pulling herself up on some furniture is her new-found game. she loves to stand and balance herself on the bed and she knew that she can’t do it on some hard surface areas, only on bed. she’s very much mobile, she goes around the house with her walker or while crawling. some furnitures like our side table’s paint has been chipped off from her banging of some stuff like the brass swan on it or the little mr. and mrs. kermit -on -the -swing with umbrella. she did a lot of mischievous things!!! whenever momsy is doing some housework she’ll simply approach her and make a mess especially on folding of our clothes. she knows now where to switch on and off all the remote controls for our tvs’. ask her something and surely she’ll give you a reply. and she loves to watch teletubbies from bbcprime. she started watching teletubbies when she was just 3 months old and until now she doesn’t want tinky winky, dipsy, lala and pooh to go away. in this show, she learned to wave her hands for goodbye. and don’t forget the tweenies! she loves this show also. she’d having her fifth teeth, 3 down and 5 up. wow!!! she can now feed herself! give her a small plate with rice and chopped boiled carrots she’ll happily munched on it. she loves to eat fruits and vegetable and chicken and fish and some arabic foods too..

at this month, she watched the breath-taking dancing, opera and acrobatic show “Holiday on Ice” and really enjoyed it, though it was a little bit long– nearly two hours. she enjoyed not just the production numbers but as well as the technical aspect of the show, especially their lightings…so wonderful that’s really one kind of Celebration!!! it’s also her first elephant jet ride and the eureka ride, a magical ride in a flying tricycle….:) although momsy had to do all the peddling with one hand to take it off…higher and higher, surely we’ll be going back to junglezone in hyatt plaza for more rides!!!

her first time to scribble on her new magic slate! wow! she loves writing but most of the time the pen goes inside her mouth 🙂

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