Post 1st Birthday Entry!


It’s been a week since we celebrated our baby boy’s first birthday and the party hang-over is finally subsiding, the adrenalin rush was set back to normal and we are preparing for Ate Princess’ 3rd birthday.


Sean’s 1st birthday bash went well, as expected, same old friends and new ones and friends kids attended the party. The party started late by thirty minutes coz some kids were already enjoying the rides and almost forgot that there will be a party first in the party room before getting lost in the wild rides of Junglezone.

The party started with a show of a Juggler and the Magician. The juggler, he is quite good, he can juggle, first 3 batons then followed by 3 hats and 3 balls. Of course, kids like my almost three yrs. old Andrea was left speechless, she was too absorbed on what she’s seeing. Next was the magician, but the celebrant was pulling my blouse already, he’s telling me that it’s about time to breastfeed him. Oh boy, I had to go to the corner and concentrate on feeding my little boy and quite cautious that he’ll not sabotage my cover by pulling the shawl that I wrapped on us.

(The Juggler and the Magician)

Next was the parlor games. I was the one who suggested to Abby (the party facilatator) another game which is the putting of the M & M’s to a clear cup, the one who’ll finish transferring the M &M’s minis from the paper plate to a plastic cup will be the winner. Although the original idea was marsh mallows but I guess M & M’s would do better. The next game was Trip to Jerusalem and then followed by a game of saying “happy birthday Sean….” the one who’ll say it the longest would be the winner. The next game was “bring me” of course, almost all of the kids got crazy hunting for every item or thing that the facilatator was asking to bring. Sean, the celebrant won for bringing the smallest shoe (which is his own shoe). I bought also an additonal prize ( a Winnie The POoh and 100 acre’s Friends Puzzle) but told the facilatator to please put it away for the meantime that Ate Princess is watching coz she considered it as hers already like she put her name on it while we were in the house before going to the party. We prepared also the “pabitin” it’s a Filipino game various goodies and toys were hung from a wooden frame that is held by a rope attached to a pulley. Kids then grab for the goodies and toys when the wooden frame is lowered holding the rope at the other end. But Sean, as the birthday celebrant had the chance to pick and grab a toy; it’s a pack of luminous stars.

blog5img_2601.jpg pabitinblogimg_2464.jpg

(Raymond and Mishal and the Pabitin)

The next was the blowing of the cakes. I made 3 chocolate moist cakes and bought the winnie the pooh and hundred acre friends tiny toys as cake decor and there are also cup cakes made by our Ninang (whom my kids address as Mom May and considered as their second mother) and I ordered an Ube flavored cake with the theme of winnie the pooh and hundred acre’s friends.



After all of the games and party shows was over then its time for a sumptuous and gastronomical dinner. As experienced, we prefer cooking the food for our parties than ordering it or have it catered for us for we can control the taste of the food than be sorry later for some negative feedbacks from the visitors about the food. But due to lack of time and we don’t have a househelp so we settled on ordering half of the food on our menu and there are also friends who offered their help by cooking some of the food.


In our menu, there was the mainstay in every occassion, the good old kare-kare (I think every especial occassion it’s always present) and as well as caldereta, baked macaroni,bopis (by our friend Judith), Pancit (by Mavis), Estofado (cooked by Mavis), leche flan and ref. cake, Maja Blanca (NInang May Voluntered to make) as well as the fruit salad, cup cakes and gelatin. We ordered Empanada from our neighbor and bought 3 buckets of fried chicken.

Orient Express catered the following foods: Black Pepper Steak, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Beef and Chicken Teriyaki, Beef in Oyster Sauce, Seafood Steak,Fried Rice, Leche Flan and Fruit Salad. They provided also sodas in cans and the disposable paper plates, glass, spoon andfork and table napkins.

Kiddie meals from KFC, fries and nuggets and fruit juice were included in the birthday package in Junglezone so there’s nothing to worry about food for the kids and there are lots of desserts and cakes for them.

Actually my guests list totalled 85 for the adults and 49 kids, some called that they can’t make it to the party but others didn’t. And I thought already of having “other guests” those friends of our friends, of course they are also welcome, eventhough we didn’t know them that’s one reason I made it a point to prepare more food for me to be on the safe side, better to have more than less.


The Rides in Jungle Zone is based on the elements of the ‘wild nature of the jungle world’, Jungle Zone boosted 9 attractions mainly for kids in its huge size of approximately 3,500 square metres The Jungle Train will bring kids on a ‘joyride’ journey through the ‘jungle’ area. Hop on the Elephant Jet and let kids enjoy the excitement of be ‘flown’ up to the sky and enjoy the panaromic view of the entire theme park.


The Crazy Jump is an exciting ride that offers kids sheer ‘adrenalin rush’ as it ‘drop’ down without even a hint! Honey Swing might be the perfect answer for kids to enjoy a good buzz while Lion’s Lair provides kids the ultimate chance to drive and , bump others without being summoned! The Mountain Coaster is another crowd puller that offers kids the opportunity to venture through mountains, hills and cave full of ‘surprises’.


(Our friend Mavis and her daughter, Xianelle (Princess friend) enjoying the Crazy Jump Ride!)


(Christian and Xianne:)

The Wild Flume ride is considered second to nothing as it offers fun ‘plunge’ into the river from the mountain top. Eureka, a kiddy’s magical ride proved popular with its unique tricycle flying ability! The Fun Castle and Adventure Castle are made up of a multi-level fun world which enables young kids to climb, crawl, jump and slide! The latest and exciting Video Arcade and Redemption Games would further add to the excitement here. It would definitely be a day of restless fun for the energetic ones!


(Daddy Nath and Princess having a great time on the Wild Flume Ride.)


(Uncle Noy and baby Sean)


(A happy Andrea and a loving daddy!)

At Jungle Zone Theme Park, kids would enjoy a memorable birthday celebrations organized by experienced party organizers at either the Amazon or Rainforest Party Rooms. Complete with the state-of-the-art sound system and lightings, selection of food menus, exciting games, fun activities, various options of entertainment shows and colorful decorations, birthday parties would be well remembered and cherished!

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