Pandango sa Ilaw

My daughter dancing Pandango sa Ilaw (Dance of the Lights) with her grandma’s grade 1 pupils during the promotional program in the school.









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  1. ahh, love that portrait of princess. boy, believe naman ako sa anak mo, not shy at all. did she practice with the dancers, too? if only she is a little bigger, she would be dancing tinikling, too, my favorite filipino dance.

  2. hi tita belle. thanks for the comment:) kakataba ng puso at least may constant visitor ako heheehe:)
    Everyday po she always go with mama to school and watched the kids practice their folk dance then the night before the performance she said to her grandma that she want to dance too. kaya ayon they practiced on that night and the following day she told us to go with them to the school to take her picture bcoz she’ll dance.
    everyday i want her to learn her roots, the Filipino culture, the good values of Pinoy’s eventhough she’ll be going to British Montessori.
    Thanks for droppin’ by tita belle!

  3. wow, she will learn the proper english in the British Montessori. does she speak tagalog, bikol, or visaya? it is good that she is aware of her roots, its culture, and values.

  4. she started speaking in english, sometimes tag-lish,and we talk to her in english na rin para masanay sya sa language and even if we talk to her in tagalog, she’ll reply in english language. but from time to time if she needs some correction we do it immediately para masanay sya.
    heheheh hindi nya alam ang waray at bikol:) but later on we’ll teach her sa ngayon kasi baka maconfuse pa sya.
    pero while we were in bikol she made some attempts in speaking her father’s dialect, like :”humay, tabi mommy!”
    ang cute nya while she’s saying that line hehehe:)

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