Paj Got Minor Accident

Yesterday at 9:30 in the evening as we are about to go out the Villagio Mall parking area we were cut by a Landcruiser car and good N was able to hit on the brakes fastly and only the bumper got smashed and some scratches on the front of Paj. N saw that car coming and he’s driving slowly since he’s goin’ up to the main road and it was just a fraction of seconds the car hit us. I don’t know if that Indian driver saw us or he’s just driving so fast. His recklessness was the cause of this minor collision. The parking area is well lighted and he should see us because we were already on the middle of the road. Good that Ate P is wearing a seatbelt but my poor Sean was being thrown down. And thanks God that we’re all okay except that Sean got scared.

Another thing is that we didn’t have cellphones last night, mine i left it in the house because it has no battery and my hubby left also his so we can’t contact a police to report the accident. Here in Qatar if you are facing a car accident you should not leave, you should not re-position your car so that the police can investigate what really happened. But I was thinking last night while waiting there that for sure, since we don’t speak their language the police report would be distorted as what other expatriates had experienced.

The Indian guy, his name is Mustafa, he wanted to leave but my hubby was very firm that he should stay and call a police. He was afraid we can see it from his face but he didn’t call a police instead he called his madam.

N told me to go back to the mall and tell the guard to call 999 to report the incident. I went their quickly and then 2 guards accompanied me back to were the accident happened and they called the police. The madam came with other 2 women, she talked to her driver and called for another car. when they left my hubby asked the driver the family name of his employer and he found out that the family belongs to the wealthy families here. They have 20 luxury cars and 10 drivers.

It was 2 long hours before the police came, my kids were getting impatient, they want to sleep and they are exhausted. Two policemen came and they asked first the drivng license of my hubby and then when he asked the Indian guy, he said he doesn’t have one. So there, that’s the reason that he wanted to escape us because he has no driving license but it was not our concern we wanted to finish the police report since when you go to Mitsubushi for the repair they won’t repair it if you don’t have a police report.

My hubby told the policemen what happened, and he told them that it’s the guy’s mistake and not ours and then Mustafa told also his side of story and then my hubby was being told by the policeman to go to their office the next day for the police report copy.

Today my hubby went to the police station and he’s not shocked at all when the policeman there told him that it was our fault. But then he reasoned and explained to the police in duty and his only reply, “khalas! (finish or stop!).

That’s the downside here of not knowing, of not being able to understand and speak their laguage in case of car accidents just be ready for the “khalas” term.

And i’m just sure of this, accidents can happen anytime and anywhere and i’m always praying for our safety, for my hubby’s safety especially that he’s always driving Paj in going to his work. Even if you are a responsible driver, even if you follow rules in driving, and even you want to be safe but there are those kind of drivers who are too aggressive not minding the other cars around them then just be cautious and alert.

Lesson learned, I always have to charge my cellephone and bring it with me everytime that we go outside.

Note: Here in Qatar, it has the topmost cases of car accidents.

See this video that I found in Qatar Living forums:

2 Replies to “Paj Got Minor Accident”

  1. oh, am so sorry to hear that! just be thankful you guys were not hurt and those little minor dents can be fixed. you know how it is like living in other country. here, though, is different, we get treated fairly.

    just have to make sure you practice defensive driving at all times from now own, even though you have a right of way, just give in because you could be right but DEAD wrong!

  2. you are right tita belle! ganun nga dito but ok-hay! we just moved on and learn a lesson from that experience and be more careful and as what you’ve said be a defensive driver:)
    kakatawa kasi yon palagi ang sinasabi sa akin ni STR na dapat if you will drive here be a defensive driver tapos ngek! crashh!ayon na! I think accidents are like that nobody know when it gonna happen, but of course, kung si Pana ay naging maingat di sana walang nangyari, kaskasiro kasi sya eh!

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