P is for Pancakes!


Pancakes can make a difference! My daughter is not well today and her fever is not that high when we woke up this morning unlike last night and I asked her what she wants for breakfast, and in a split second she blurted “I want pancakes mommy!”  So there at least she started her day right with her favorite pancakes. And I’m in high hopes that she’ll be fine tomorrow so that she can go to school.

So what’s with my pancakes that they (only my family I guess!?!) really like so much? I do make some experiment in cooking pancakes. Sometimes I buy the ready mixed flour for the batter but I have to add something in it to adjust the taste or I make them from the scratch. I love to add cubed cheese and don’t forget to use fresh milk and eggs, for me it makes the pancake yummier.

If you’ll have breakfast with us you can see in each plate three different garnishing of pancakes; for Princess it should be only plain but inside her pancakes bursts with cheesy flavor, she likes with the Almarai cubed cheese; Sean’s with his chocolate pudding on top; and for Momsy my pancake is rolled with thinly sliced peaches or mangoes with wild blueberry preserve and I put some honey on top and that goes too with Dada. And depending on the taste that I want to have sometimes I put the Philadelphia cream cheese on top. So pancakes is not just about the batter but it’s about the toppings.

And if pancake is wanted as a snack in the afternoon it is served with ice cream on top plus a slice of leche flan. So how do you like your pancake?

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